Want to Earn Money Helping People?

Every time you refer a homeowner that goes solar, you'll earn $1,000. Your referral will save thousands on energy costs. And the world... well, let's just say the world is happier too.

Custom Dashboard

Track your referrals and payments

Unlimited Earning Potential

There is NO LIMIT to the amount of referrals you can submit and the amount of income you can earn

3 Simple Steps to Earn Passive Income

  • Free signup
    Sign up for free. Yes it’s really free.
  • Have a conversation
    Have a conversation with a homeowner about the benefits of solar, and grab a copy of their electric bill.
  • Submit bill
    Share the electric bill with Powur. Get paid $1,000 when the system is installed.


Think of this as the BEST SIDE HUSTLE EVER 👇

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