What Is the Impact of Going Solar?

published on 05 October 2022

The Environmental Impact of Going Solar & Why It Matters

The Environmental Impact of Going Solar & Why It Matters-vmz5l

“Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.”

Tom Allen

Ask anyone and they will tell you they want to leave the planet in a better state for their children. Everyone enjoys visiting a clean beach or taking a relaxing hike with their family through pristine wilderness on the weekends. The problem is that sometimes doing the right thing can become economically impractical. For instance, as much as I would like to ride a bike to the office and reduce both my gas consumption and get exercise, it’s not practical to do that because of the distance and the limitations of not having a car. Well, the same can be said of our energy use at home. Until recently, it often just didn’t make economic sense to install renewable energy at home because of system limitations and costs. 

Yes, You Can Make a Positive Impact for the Future

Today we’re blessed to not only have the economics on our side for clean renewable energy, but also the advances in technology have made it a viable option for those wanting to make a difference for future generations. Let’s look at the impact of just one home making the switch to clean renewable energy and going solar.

Readily Available Cheap Energy

The first impact of going solar is the reduction of strain on our aging electrical grid. By generating your own power, you can help reduce the pull of electric from the utility company and help avoid catastrophic events like what happened in Texas during the winter of 2021. During that time in Texas, weather events caused an enormous strain on the grid, resulting in the loss of power and water to millions of people for several weeks. For those with solar energy and battery backups, the devastation was less severe. 

Once you have paid for your rooftop solar panel system, you will now generate free electricity that will help support the grid rather than draw from it. This can be a benefit to not only you and your family, but the community you live in and the neighbors you call friends. In fact, were you to invest in a battery backup system to pair with your solar, you can remain fully powered when the lights go off all over town. You can know that your home will remain powered and you can continue to run water, cook and keep your refrigerator and freezer cold. As long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you can count on consistent energy generation.

Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduce Air Pollutants

Decreasing greenhouse gases is also a massive benefit of renewable solar energy creation. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat and is contributing to a rise in temperature and atmospheric changes across the globe. While the exact effects of greenhouse gases are debatable, we all know that they’re harmful. If we can help reduce the amount of fossil fuel that’s burned to power our life, we can have a large impact on the planet. In fact, going solar in even an area that only receives moderate sunlight has the environmental equivalent of planting hundreds of trees per year!

Another benefit of reducing greenhouse gases is that it will help clean air pollution and reduce smog. Air pollution and smog because of power plants burning fossil fuels contribute to respiratory disease. While the effects of burning fossil fuel are felt most urgently in the areas directly around power plants, the particulates that enter the air can travel a great distance and have an effect hundreds of miles away. Even 1 home transitioning to renewable energy like solar can offset over 10,000 gallons of Co2 from the atmosphere over a lifetime. It takes burning almost 5,ooo pounds of coal a year, to generate the energy you need to run your appliances.

So while you might question just how much of a difference going solar really has on the world around you, just multiply those numbers by hundreds or even thousands and you can see that everyone can make a tremendous difference. Our trees and oceans are working overtime to clean the air and doing our part to go solar does double duty. Not only are we not contributing to Co2, but those plants can now clean more when we’re not contributing to the problem. Going solar sure seems like a much easier way to help the planet than planting hundreds of trees each year, doesn’t it?

Want to make your environmental impact even greater with no additional effort? Make the choice to work with a solar installer who is a Certified B Corporation. A Certified B Corporation is a legal designation given to a company based on their social and environmental impact. I work with a company that is 100% carbon neutral and spends a significant portion of its profits to keep that designation. Sometimes, where we spend our money is just as important as how we spend our money. If enough consumers show corporations that what they do to the planet matters, we can force corporations to better align with the values that we hold as consumers. 

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