Jon Nelsen | Author

Jon Nelsen | Author

Jon Nelsen regularly consults with businesses, cities, and private individuals in marketing, advertising, and transitioning to clean energy. While he wants to help do his part to help other people find their footing in life and make decisions that benefit people and their businesses, he’s also determined to bring value and information to everyone through his books.

He began with Q&A interview style books about the American craft brewery revolution and the boom in privately owned Bed & Breakfasts. He now focuses on writing step-by-step guides that educate on psychology and smarter financial choices. His ‘power to the people’ movement focuses on education, friendly and helpful service, and easy-to-follow steps designed to help individuals and professionals’ level up all aspects of their lives from careers, to home, to even energy.

Nelsen studied Finance and Psychology at Liberty University before realizing that writing would probably be an easier career choice. Boy was he wrong. However, he knows why you’re broke and wants to know how you feel about it. While he didn’t start out living the dream, his writing helps others discover theirs. He currently resides in beautiful, sunny, warm… erm… well, beautiful Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania with his growing family. 


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