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The fact that you're here shows that you value your dollar, and I will show you EXACTLY how to increase your bottomline through my Solar Referral Partnership!

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Think of me as your North Star to monetize your existing and future customer base โ€“ We work with Contractors, Roofers, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, HVAC Technicians, Landscapers and more to help them earn $1,000 each time they refer a customer that goes solar.

I've helped countless homeowners just like your customers go solar with an industry leading 30-year warranty for NO MONEY DOWN, all while reducing electric bills literally by half! 

By referring customers to Jon Nelsen Solar you ensure they will be getting the absolute best care and pricing backed by Powur - one of the fastest growing companies in America...

Every time you refer a homeowner that chooses to go solar with Powur, you'll earn $1,000. Your referral will receive a $500 Homeowner Rebate Check + save thousands on energy costs. And the world... well, let's just say the world is happier too.

This win/win opportunity helps you make additional revenue without worrying about payroll, material, or overhead costs and it's a win for your customer as they will receive the most competitive pricing in the industry PLUS a $500 rebate because YOU helped them out!

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    Have a conversation with the homeowner about the benefits of solar, and grab a copy of their electric bill.

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    Share the electric bill with Powur. Get paid $1,000 when the system is installed.

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